Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cwie Mi Malang and home work.

cwie mi malang

Still more of Indonesian food. I hope my viewers will not get bored with the series of Indonesian food which I have been cooking more lately. I guess I have been craving Indonesian food recently. The only place I can find Indonesian food is in my kitchen or my friend’s kitchens LOL

Why it is called Cwie Mi Malang? (Mi is noodle in English). I am not sure. There are many kinds of noodles and people cook them in different way but somehow it will taste and look the same even though they have different names.

Curly noodles (cook in boil water)
Beef tendon
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
Fried Wonton skins
Ground chicken
3 cloves of garlic

To make soup:
400cc of water
2 cloves of garlic, minced
Black paper
2 tablespoons of sesame oil

Chicken for garnish:
Fry garlic with 2 tbsps of oil until slightly brown. Add the ground chicken until half cooked. Cook with medium heat. Then add salt, black paper, soy sauce. Cook the chicken through for another 3 minutes.

Fry garlic with 2 tablespoon vegetable oil until brown. Set aside.
Boil water, add beef tendon and frying garlic. If you like green onion, you may want to add them too. To make soup more tasty, add salt and black paper.

In a bowl put in cooked curly noodles. Add frying wonton skin and chicken. Then pour soup in. Eat while it is still warm.

After thought:
Erie weather is perfect for a bowl of this soup!

cwie mi malang

While I am enjoying eat this noodles accompanied with hot chocolate drink mmm I shall do a homework from my friend Eliza of Notes from my food diary.

Here are the 5 facts about me:

I have been learning about photography like crazy. Trying to conquer the difficult part about photography without have to buy more equipment. I am just learning a simple thing first.

Collecting recipe books and photography books. Until I don’t have enough place in my small box case.

I don’t have a sweet tooth! I only eat dessert if I really want to but most the time I skip it. So if I cook anything sweet that is for my hubby.

Very shy person in public around people that I don’t know. But as soon as you know me, I like to share things and talks.

Love being a mom with my terrible two-son. Even though he drives me crazy but
Oh may, he is just a give from God as that is why his name is Nathaniel.

There! I completed my homework LOL now I will pass it to 5 people. They are:

Mariena Payne from Resto Mariena

Peppy from The art and science of food

Roossy from My life, my child and my food

Wita from Stevita's kitchen

Rita Bellnard from Gifts from the kitchen

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Have fun playing!


Elsye said...

pengennnnn....cakep Dwi, selalu deh dikau bisa bagus banget nata makanannya...:D, btw baru aja gue mau nge-tag Peppy...hihihihi

Andaliman said...

Dwi biasanya gw beli cwi mie Malang bela2in nyetir ke Malang. Dan dikasih selada (jenis butter lettuce kl disini). Asli ngiler gw liat foto cwi mie elu

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi dwi...woww...aku paling seneng mie2 indo...tapi yg sebel susah nyari mie yg persis di indo...ini kamu pake mie apa?

Retno Prihadana said...

Kalo mie yang satu ini nggak ada bosennya...pesen semangkok Dwi.

eliza said...

gue belon pernah bikin cwi mie loh Dwi...kapan2 deh bikin.

rita bellnad said...

aku wong malang dwi xixixi... yang ini makanan wajib bo

iya-iya... pr nya entar aku kerjain, berapa mangkuk bakso yang kamu siapin buat rewardnya ? ^_^

A.G said...

blom pernah makan cwi mie :( rasane pie ya ..miripkah ma mie ayam bakso ?

wita said...

fotonya bagus banget! jadi laper bener nih, kamu dari malang kah Dwi? Oh ya aku kursusnya di local toko kue dkt rumahku, lengkap isinya, ownernya sendiri yg ngajar. Coklat yg ada printnya itu pakai transfer sheet udah ada paternnya kira2 10"X15", tuang coklat leleh, spread dgn spatula sampai tipis, masuk freezer, plastiknya di-kupas, maka patern-nya lekat di coklat.

Sheila said...

Sori baru beredar, Dwi. Lagi capek & males (alasan klise banget ya...hihihi).
Awalnya aku hobi fotografi itu karena seneng moto-in anak pertamaku loh. Nah, waktu anak kedua, dia udah jadi "kelinci percobaanku" di usianya yg masih 3 hari...hehehe. Sekarang2 ini gak ada yg bisa dijadiin kelinci percobaan....huhuhuhu. Ya udah, akhirnya beralih ke makanan deh.

Eh Dwi, sebenernya kalo mau bikin foto galeri di blogspot itu lebih bagus loh. Cuma emang layoutnya mesti manual. Gak kayak MP yg emang udah otomatis. Sayangnya ukuran foto di MP gak bisa guede2 (cmiiw).

Sheila said...

Eh, ada yg kelupaan. Itu bikin cupcakes-nya gak lama kok. Cuma bikin dekorasi marshmallow fondant-nya aja agak butuh waktu. Kalo grusak-grusuk ntar detil-nya bisa amburadul :)

Michelle Dargen said...

This looks soooooooo good. I love Indonesian food. Would you happen to have a good recipe for Nasi goreng or Mi goreng? I have tried to make them but they just don't turn out right.