Sunday, February 4, 2007

MY First Wedding Cake

The class that day was about making a very basic and simple wedding cake. In the last class students were required to bring 2 different sizes of cake, flowers made from royal icing, and a heart shape for a cake topping made from fondant.

It was quite a challenge to make 3D flowers from the lily nail. We used royal icing and it was made couple days before the class started. So it allowed the flowers to dry up and get hard.

When the class started we learned the technique of assembling tiers, and glue flowers on the cake. Also, in this class we learned how to cover the cake not only by useing regular butter-cream icing but also use a fondant.
I myself don’t’ really like the taste of fondant, But it looks neat and beautiful for wedding cake.

Here I am humbly present my FIST wedding cake, not quite enchanting in my opinion but it’s not bad for a beginner like ME.

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