Friday, June 15, 2007


This dish is well known as MIE AYAM in Indonesian. I don’t know how to translate it into English. The closest name I could think of is CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP. Anyway this name “Chicken noodle soup” is just to give a picture of what kind of food is “Mie ayam”.

One thing I realize is that it feels good to be back home here in the State. Here in my house, I can do whatever I want in my kitchen without worry of being messy after cooking and most importantly, I know everything in my kitchen. However, the sad part of being backed home is I miss so much of Indonesian food.

Most of Indonesian foods that I want to make are very hard to cook. Mainly because it is hard to find the ingredients. But this afternoon I made MIE AYAM (Mie = noodle, Ayam = chicken). The ingredient was very easy to find. I bought them from Wegmans, a local groceries store, here. Mie ayam is very easy to cook and my son loves it very much!

What you need:

Boneless chicken
Any kind of mushrooms (finely chopped)
Dried noodle
Bean sprout
Bok Choy
1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
2 tablespoons of oyster sauce
Pinch of salt
1 green onion (finely chopped)
3 garlics (finely chopped)


Boil boneless chicken in a medium pot until it is cooked. Take the chicken out and cut or shred it finely but leave the broth in the pot for the soup. Add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and pint of salt to bring a nice flavour for the broth.

In the other pan put a little bit of cooking oil then fry garlic until it is slightly brown. Add shredded chicken and chopped mushrooms. Put 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and a little bit of water and salt. Bring them to boil. Set aside.

Boil water in the other pan and add dried noodles then cook for about 5 minutes or until noodle are cooked. Add Bok choy and bean sprouts and cook them again for 2 minutes. When all is done, pour out the water.

Serving suggestion:

Put cooked noodles and vegetables in a bowl, top it with mushrooms and shredded chicken and chopped green onions. Pour with chicken broth and it is ready to be served.


sylvia said...

Thanks for the recipe Dwi. Noodlesnya elo beli di Asian market? Maklum kuper deh, gw jrg2 banget ke Asian market. Your noodles looks so yummy, reminded me of bakmi Gajah Mada.

Dwiana P said...

Syl, noodlenya namanya dried noodle. Gw belinya bukan di asian market, kebetulan wegmans local grocery store ditempat gw ada jual. gini deh biar gampangnya ntar gw foto aja and gw PM lo yah.

imayme said...

I love Wegmans! They are my favorite grocery store. Thanks for the recipe. I enjoy to learning to cook Indonesian food as well as food from other countries.

Dwiana P said...

Yes, I heard from Roossy how much you enjoy the food that she cooked.

Anonymous said...

ini yang buat aku ngiler, Dwi... thanks neh buat resepnya.
Lina D.M (dari planet mp)