Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Black Forest Cake from the BOX

HIYA... finally I get my time writing today without have to worry be bothered by my beloved son as he is busy playing with his daddy. I made this cake awhile ago but didn't have chance yet to post it.

Anyway what I like to share today is, most the time I make cake from the scratch but this time I wonder how if I make cake from the box and turn it into BLACK FOREST CAKE. How about that?

To make cake it self is very easy, I only need 2 boxes of PILLSBURY DEVIL CHOCOLATE CAKE. As cooking direction on the back of the box is only needed 1 1/4 cups water, 1/3 cup vegetables oil and 3 eggs. I bake into 2 separate baking pans to make 2 layers cake.

Brushing cherry filling in between layers cake then cover the cake with melting chocolate. Wait until the melting chocolate gets harder then I decorate again with broken chocolate. For finishing touch whip cream and whole cherry is very nice to make the cake looks more prettier.

I found this is an easy way to make black forest chocolate cake without have to spend much time in the kitchen . Especially during summer time like now??? wow.... I am not attempted to do it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dwiana, Sedap nya! Mrs Singh from Malaysia. Terima Kasih for sharing this easy recipe. Now I must look for Pillsbury, not easy to get in Malaysia.Bakers here do the hard way, from scratch! I have had Indonesian cakes in Jakarta, they are GREAT!Btw, found yr blog thru Jadens Blog. Regards and keep on sharing

Retno Prihadana said...

praktis ya, keliatan cantik. Aku klo lagi pengen yg cepet malah pake bolu yg sudah siap jadi dan udah di potong 3 lapis, tinggal menghias, he..he. Udah lama nggak bikin..belum ada yg Ultah lagi.

Dwiana P said...

Hello Mrs Singh, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Do you have one? feel free to copy any recipe from here but keep in your mind I am not a good cooker so don't blame on me if what you cook don't come up good LOL

Dwiana P said...

betul sekali Retno, asal rasanya enak mereka yg makan pasti gk bakalan protes kan:)

Andrie Anne said...

Black Forrest? Ga pernah bosen..

Dwiana P said...

sama donk Anne:)

rita bellnad said...

Dwi... I love blackforest most klo cake-nya dibuat dari devil food cake hahaha.... sama ternyata lidahnya

SteamyKitchen said...

That looks SO professional! You are great at decorating!! I love that it comes from a box

Shinta said...

Halo mbak Dwiana, salam kenal juga dari Tsukuba. Silahkan dicoba resep sate padang-nya. Thanx for coming, dapurnya aku link ya...:D

A.G said...

mantep mbak BF'nya... pager coklatnya cantik....salam kenal yaaa

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