Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fruity and White Chocolate

whitechostraw copy

Let’s we are not counting how much calories on your dessert! Especially, if we are talking about chocolate. As long as we don't eat it too much that should be good.

BERRIES are the theme chosen by Susan from Food Blogga, she is the host of Sugar High Friday #45. This is my fist entry for SHF. As you may know, berries are easy to find now day in the grocery store and the price is not bad at all. Their season is here and I better purchase them before the season is over and the price will go up.

I was thinking what kind of dessert I need to serve on the table tonight. I just don’t feel to shop at the grocery store specially to make something new from the recipe book. Instead I look around on my pantry and refrigerator. Then I found white chocolate chips and mixed berries fruits.

What you need to make this fruity chocolate dessert is very simple.
Mixed berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or grapes)
White chocolate chips
Triple chocolate syrup

To melt the chocolate; boil the water in the sauce pan and place aluminum bowl on the top of it. Pour chocolate chips in the bowl and stir it slowly until all the chocolate melted.

Pour the melting chocolate on the muffin mold. Then refrigerate until harden.

Take the chocolate off the muffin mold. The chocolate should shape like muffin and lastly fill it with mix fruits then garnish with triple chocolate syrup.

whitechostraw1 copy

Chocolate is a link to HAPPINESS. You might agree or disagree, but for me… when I feel blue and I find eating chocolate make me feel better. And the TIP is only allowing you to have one bar of chocolate Nothing More Than THAT, OR eating chocolate will end up disaster to your body!



Mochachocolata Rita said...

cakep banget dwi...duh teganya dikau...sore2 gini pengen ngemil nyang manish2 hehehe

sefa firdaus said...

senangnya dirimu sekarang rajin apdet ;)

cantik banget Dwi, jadi bikin ileran tingkat tinggi deh :))

Elra said...

Sinfully and dangerously good! Especialy with summer berries.

How could you only eat a bar of chocolate?
Do you like dark choc? Now this one, I think you can eat more then a bar!

Btw, I am baking bread for you, hoping that will encourage you to try it one day. I also simplified the step, so it won't scare you!
I'll post it on Saturday! Check it out when you have the time.

elsye said...

Dwiii keliatan endang bambang :P, ditempat gue berries jaran gbow, heran deh summer gini malah beri2an hilang dari peredaran :((

gue mau satu dong dwi :P

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Chocolate cups? That is such a delicious idea, Dwiana! And this will be a most lovely addition to SHF. Thank you, and happy weekend to you too.

Kate / Kajal said...

i am always ready for chocolate, just need the smallest excuse and i'm running to the fridge for some :)
These cups look toooo good. I'd find it hard not to finish them all at one time. Nice blog u have here.

L Shelvy said...

hemmm chocolatttt...:)
mauuuu unjuk tangan paling cepet..:)

shelvy said...

gak pak logonya gak apa-apa yah?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh man, this one is chocolate lovers heaven! Each bite is fulled of chocolate and fruit, can I have some? ;)

A.G said...

itu pake cetakan silicon ya nyetak cokaltnya ?

bee said...

those chocolate cups are so clever!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, they look so beautiful and tempting! A real treat!



Sheila said...

Fotonya cantik, Dwi. Gue suka letak fokus di foto pertama.
Sayangnya, gue termasuk orang yg gak gitu suka coklat :(. Tapi kalo coklat Beng-beng doyan banget :D.

yunike said...

you got a very pretty pictures... make me drooling right now....... :(

Simplicity said...

wihhh asoyy nih
itu bikin cupnya gimana dwi?
ngiler ei..

Simplicity said...

aku tulilit itu dah diexplain ya ..hihi ngarti sekarang tp kira2 brp banyak coklat itu tuk cupnya dwi?

didally said...

I like the idea of chocolate cupcase. It's so creative! The whole styling makes the chocolate 'cupcake' so irresistible.