Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Valentine!

heart candy valentine

I don't have much story about food that I like to share today. Today's story will be about the love of me, my hubby and my son. Everyday as a mom, I am counting my blessing and trying to see everything in a good perspective.

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I remember, during Christmas time last year....
I was sitting in front of my computer, my son came to me and said “mommy I have a present for you”, Oh really?? what is it?
Then he ran to the other room and stayed quiet for a minute. Then gradually he came out and said “here I come”....

I saw a big green box moving toward me slowly, then it stopped right in front of me. “Wow, a walking present” ,me, saying with a funny sound. Then I heard him was giggling inside the box while his hand trying to break the top of the box.

A little head came out then I saw his face with his sour, funny and spoil mimic. “Me, mommy!!” That was the greatest present ever!


Happy Valentine Everyone!!
For my family in Indonesia, I wish I could reach and touch your hands
and tell each one of you that we love you all.