Sunday, February 11, 2007

BABY SHOWER Cake for Roossy

Another person was expecting, Roossy is my close friend who lives not far from me. And she is from Indonesia too. Some of Indonesians were throwing a baby shower for her and I was in charge of making cake. In the beginning I didn’t have any ideas of what kind of design I need. Well as always, WILTON was my rescue. I looked through my entire Wilton book and got some of ideas here and there.

Finally, I decided what design I use for my cake decoration. Yippee! A lot of pink color of course, as she was expecting a baby girl. A CLOWN! Aha I have been dying to practice making a clown and this was a good time for it.

I have learned some techniques to make a CLOWN:

1.Squeeze out icing with steady even pressure to cover an area about the size of 50 piece.
2. Begin raising the tip, allowing icing to build up, but keeping the end of the tip buried in the icing.
3. Stop at desired height, pull tip away
4. Insert tip at base of body for leg, squeeze to draw leg out. Relax pressure, pull to a point for foot. Repeat for other leg and foot.
5. Insert tip into body at shoulder, squeeze as you draw arm out.
6.Relax pressure, pull to a point for hand. Repeat for other arm and hand

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