Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stuck in the snow vs Egg Rolls

As I heard the news about the winter snow warning on the TV,
The snow is falling more,
The snow pile is thicker in front of my house,
The wind is blowing stronger,
The temperature is dropping,
My son is awake, his diaper needs to be changed,
he needs to be fed,
While something happens to me…………….
I am freezing!

And worst of all, my CAR got stuck in the middle of my driveway because the snow on the ground is quite high, OH NO! I can’t go anywhere, but I need to go.

Now as I look through the window and see my husband shovel the snow (poor thing!) I decide to make some egg rolls to cheer up our morning.


One Jicama (bangkoang) thinly cut
Green beans – thinly cut
A bit of Salt
A bit of black Paper
Enough ground beef or Pork
Enough raw shrimps – chop finely
Garlic – chopped finely
2 tablespoons of oil

Heat up a wok and fry garlic until it is golden brown. Add shrimps, ground beef or pork until it’s cooked. Then add jicama and green beans. Finally add salt and paper.

Method to make egg roll skin;

100 gram of all purpose flour
1 egg
Pinch of salt
275 ml milk
Little bit of oil

Heat up a medium non-stick pan on low then brush oil. Drop batter in the pan thinly.

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