Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have to make cupcakes for Cameron’s birthday. He was going to be two years old. Thinking hard what kind of design I shall make for him which he will love and smile when he looks at it.
WILTON is always my best rescue. I saw a design of MONSTER CUPCAKE. Ah ha that’s it! I must make them.

For cupcake it self, I make white pudding cake. It is not fancy cake though. I did more concentrate on cupcake decorating. Using butter cream icing for furry monster, gumballs for eyes and nose and licorice for antenna. It is very easy to make, believe me.

That is a picture of birthday boy CAMERON and a thank you note from his mom Julie. Well little Cammy, I am happy that you love your cupcakes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!

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