Friday, February 16, 2007

WEDDING Cake for Sinar

WHAT! I had never expected that my friend, Sinar, would ask me to make a wedding cake for her. I tried to refuse and the excuse I gave to her eventually didn’t work because she still insisted that I make her the cake. I thought, ”she was insane if she wanted me, an unprofessional baker to make her a wedding cake, the most important cake of her life!”
Anyway, I said “YES”. Hiya, that answer almost shocked me. I couldn’t believe I said YES! But it was happening… I was going to make her “THE WEDDING CAKE”.

I have done some simple cakes just for simple occasions before but not for a real wedding. I am not sure, I am so NERVOUS!
I thought very hard on how to make an elegant and an easy wedding cake. I planned to prevent making too many mistakes, so I simply chose white color for the iced surface, pink color for the roses and green color for the leaves. The roses and the leaves were made from fondant. They were made from “ready to use fondant” by Wilton product.

AND, of course, mistakes happened even though I did plan everything a head of time. A special thank you to Sinar and Shawn for your faith on me. I couldn’t imagine what people in your wedding said about that cake – I guess the hottest topic of that day was “how marvelous and delicious the wedding cake was” LOL

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Andrie Anne said...

What a beautiful cake..:-) Regards from Jakarta..:-)