Saturday, March 17, 2007

Easy Cupcake Fun

I can’t wait to make cupcakes for my friend Fitri who was going to have a baby boy! I promised her I would make her something special to welcome her beautiful boy. Ayden is his name. I though that is very lovely name.

Then, a baby boy was here! We were scheduled to see her on Saturday. I have lot of ideas in my mind of making cupcakes. Some projects and techniques that I never done it before and I think this is the right time to make it come true.

But Oh well, Saturday morning I didn’t feel right at all. I started experiencing soar trout and runny nose. OH NO, I am sick! Wake up in the morning; I didn’t fell to do anything else the only thing that makes me get going was because my son needs breakfast.

So poor Fitri, I didn’t give her the best of decorating cupcake like what I had in my mind. In the very last minute I chose very simple and easy cupcakes. I made white butter cream icing. Applied blue food color to the inside of the featherweight bag with brush. Fill the bag with white butter cream icing and as the icing is squeezed past the color, out comes striped decorations. To make decoration look prettier and simple I sprinkle snowflake on the top and inserted toothpicks decoration.

This is cupcakes is very simple to make. If you have cold and don’t have energy to spend plenty time in the kitchen make a simple one like this which it is not bad cupcake after all.

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Andrie Anne said...

Walo katanya gampang n simpel, tp tetep ok loohh..:-)