Monday, July 2, 2007


Kids are served with sweet sour soup made by Eri

Today kids have blast!! They really have a good time and enjoy playing each other. There are 5 kids in our play group. They are Nathaniel (my son), Ethan, Zachary, Adam and Amanda. Amanda is the only girl in the group. Often, she being called “sugar cookie” by Ethan.

While kids are playing, all the mother Eri, Vitri, Roossy and I are busy in the kitchen. The host for today play day is Eri. I love to come to her house because she is such a good host. Definitely she will prepare very taste Asian food. If the next play day will be at Roossy’s house, hey I don’t mind either because it means I don’t have to cook a lot as she is also a good cooker.

Ok lets we talk about food! The food that makes my mount water. Don’t you agree?

Fried veggie by Dwiana

Chicken bbq wings by Eri

Tofu and eggplant by Roossy

Ayam Sumatra (chicken) by Eri

So what do you think about those food? Isn’t that look so delicious? Because they are all good so nothing left for us to bring home.
Anyway we have a blast play day, kids are happy as well as the mothers. Everyone is full.
All I know I come home and skip my supper!

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