Thursday, November 8, 2007


Erie is getting colder and I don't like cold, chilly weather. Then, I asked myself, "what should I do to keep my house warmed and my tummy fulled?. The answer was cooking. I flipped some magazines I brought from Indonesia and I found a picture of delicious looking bakwan.
Bakwan is a poor people food. It is cheap and tasty. You can find bakwan almost anywhere in Indonesia. Many times, bakwan is sold by a road-vendor.

Bakwan is basically vegetables fritters. There are many kinds of bakwan. The must ingredients in bakwan are vegetables however you can add other ingredients such as tofu and shrimps.

If you want to try, you can try my recipe,

Ingredients :

some vegetables such as beansprouts, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage
shrimps or tofu, cut them into cube size
enough all-purpose flour for the batter
salt and pepper
oil to deep frying

Direction :

Mix together all-purpose flour,salt and pepper with enough water until it resembles a pancake batter. Add in all the vegetables and cube tofu/cut shrimps. Mix well.
Make sure your oil is hot enough. Scoop a big spoon-fulled of the batter and fry.

Enjoy your bakwan with a dip of sambal or a piece of eye-bird chili.


Andaliman said...

eh eh gitu dweh gak bagi2

Little Corner of Mine said...

Or I love this! Anything deep-fry and crispy, so good with chili sauce too!

Resto Mariena said...

bakwan mauuuuuuuuu..meski di NZ lagi mulai anget.

M&Ms... said...

yumm..with chilli anything goes, especially deep fried comfort food. interesting how the basic dish is same across cultures.