Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baking Traditional - Kue Nastar (Pineapple Cookies)

Finally, I could sit down and relax and just put my mind on what I need to do, “Posting!”
I would like to share Our Indonesian Baking Tradition. This Cookie is a must to have during big holiday in Indonesia.
Remembering many years ago back in my country, my mom and all of my family never missed making this cookie. However, we do not continue baking this cookie anymore since most of my siblings are already married and living apart.

Here in Erie the snow keep falling and of course, the weather is getting colder. The option to go out and shop is not the best one. I would rather be home and get busy in the kitchen while my hubby is busy putting woods in the stove to keep the house warm.
I made this cookie before Christmas, but I only have time to post it today!

The recipe is adapted from Eliza . Her food blog is NOTE FROM MY FOOD DIARY. I have never regretted to try this recipe as it turns out to be SO WONDERFUL!


Andaliman said...

Udah lama gak makan nastar :)

eliza said...

nastar nya cantik, imut2. gue baru bikin lagi 2 hari yg lalu sama nyokap gue disini, asoyy...

Dwiana P said...

Peppy: Hayoh atu dibikin - ini enak banget loh.

Eliza: Wess lah kalau bikin nastar pasti gw bisa habis terus tambah gemuk nih. btw, enak Liz ada sang nyokap deket elo.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Loveeee the nastar! I make it every CNY! Which means will start baking end of the month.

Resto Mariena said...

Dwi..nastar nya masih ada nggak?
tukeran yoookk..ama yg keranjang yaa.
Soalnya punya gw bulet gerudukan haaa