Monday, February 11, 2008

Nuts Brittle (Tengteng Kacang)

It’s a favorite of mine! It is called Tenteng Kacang (in Bahasa). Due to having an Asian taste originally, I would rather make it myself. This snack is very popular among students and children and it can be found very easy anywhere in Indonesia. Both in the grocery store and street seller.

This recipe is adopted from Lisa, her blog is Somewhere in between. Absolutely easy to make and very nice to be served for party.

NOTE: I don’t fry my own nuts. Finding an easy way by buying salted nuts at the grocery store.

What you need:
100 gram nuts (chopped)
100 gram cashews (chopped)
300 granulated sugar
1 tablespoon of ginger juice

Cook sugar in a pot until boil and caramelize in medium heat. Add chopped of nuts, cashews and ginger juice. Stir them well and quickly until everything is blended together.

Put the mix on a greasy baking pan and flatten them well. Chill at room temperature until the mixture gets hard.

Then the snack is ready to be served.

Happy snacking!


Andaliman said...

Dwi, remember the cookbook "Camilan Khas Indonesia" that Esti sent to me. It has this recipe. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love this too but find it too sweet.

Elsye said...

Dwi...I'll try this recipe, thanks for sharing..:)

Shinta said...

mbak Dwi... cemilan kayk gini nih yang bikin kangen. Di Jepun ga ada soalnya..

Dwiana P said...

Andaliman: Buku yg dikasih Esti itu bagus banget yah. Gk liat waktu gw pulkam kemarin itu.

Little corner of mine: that is right, it is very sweet

Elsye: sama2 mbak.

Shinta: disini ada tapi lain, makanya aku bikin say.

tigerfish said...

The only kacang I know is kacang puteh! :P

Everything4sweets said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, nice picture, can I have one of your teng-teng , please???

M&Ms... said...

hi - this reminds me of an indian sweet popular in western india called 'chikki'... Infact, Mango Power girl recently blogged abt the indian version...

Elsye said...

Dwi aku udah bikin teng teng nyaa...thanks resepnya yaa..btw tapi aku ga bisa motongnya say..qiqiqiq ga rapih kayak punya mu and Lisa

Dwiana P said...

tigerfish: I never heart about kacang puteh. but probably I will recognize them through picture

everything4sweets: awww if you are close here I don't mind share my teng teng:)

m&ms: I never heart about "chikki" and thanks for the information:)

elsye: aku bikin gk dipotong say, tapi di patahin aja pake tangan gitu. emang bisa jadi rata.

Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm) said...

MY mom would love the peanut brittle - it is her all time favorite.