Friday, March 14, 2008


We are still having winter here in Erie but on Saturday morning last week, we had a surprise of a severe snow storm. On that day, we could not get out of the house at all. The snow decided to keep coming down until we had 2 feet high of white wall. With the snow, we also had strong wind and it was very cold! We do hope that that snow storm will be our last one.


My hubby was busy keeping the house warm and cozy. Putting more woods in to keep the fire place burning. Cooking, snuggling up, watching movie and playing with our two years old son that were the best things we could do.

Having a cup of hot coffee in the afternoon, it sounds very relaxing. Accompanied by couples of egg rolls. There is no doubt that my husband loves my handmade egg rolls. He kept saying those egg rolls are better than the egg rolls of any Chinese restaurants or grocery stores. Ah ha, that kind of praise will mean that he wants me to make more of them.

Well, that is a little story of our Saturday afternoon during the snow storm last week.

egg rolls

I have been busy lately so I haven’t had much time to blog. I have to take some of my spare time to gather all the stories and pictures. I know this excuse is old! I do hope I’ll can have more time to blog in the future.

Here is the recipe:

Spring rolls or egg rolls wrap
Ground chicken
Shrimp (grounded)
Garlic (mince)
Green beans
Jicama (Mexican potato)

Slightly cut green beans, carrots and jicama.
Stir fry garlic until slightly brown then add ground chicken and shrimp.
Add vegetables (green beans, carrots and jicama) cook until all together blended and soft.
Lastly add salt and pepper.

Take one spring roll wrap and add the filling on the middle of the skin and form it like you make an envelope. Then deep fry it.



Indonesia-Eats said...

I love this... with jicama, I bet it tastes wonderful

M&Ms... said...

Lovely photos! And am sure it must have delish..nice and hot in that 2ft of snow! :)

Tartelette said...

This is the kind of dish I love to fix and eat on the weekends. Yum!

Retno Prihadana said...

Cakep banget fotonya Dwi. Ini aku bisa habis 5 biji..hi..hi

Anonymous said...

Yr photos are good enough to lick the monitor screen.
It's sure splendid to cosy up on a cold day with tea..munching on these lovelies *wink* ...!!

Sheila said...

Dwi, foto yg terakhir kayak bener2 di depan monitorku. Andai aja bisa aku comot & langsung dimakan...huhuhu. Foto yg di tengah, suka sama idemu ngiket si egg rolls pake daun (daun apaan ya?). Terus foto yg pertama, komposisi si cangkir-nya aku suka :)

Eh, minggu kemaren di tempatku juga ada hujan es. Tapi gak sampe salju sih. Minggu ini cuacanya bener2 kacau. Sekarang anak2ku pada kena flu perut :(.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

aku bisa abis...hmmm buanyak bangettttt ^_^

wah aku seneng teacup + saucernya cakepppp

Elsye said...

Dwwiiii...belum aku bikin pisangnya, sekarang ada lagi, keliatan gue bakalan contek lagi say...hihihi

btw, gambarnya cakepp..jadi pengen nyomott..;P

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love egg rolls and yours looks good!

tigerfish said...

I have been wanting to make spring rolls for the longest time now but I still cannot find my spring roll wrappers! Your pix is killing me!

A.G said...

wah... lumpia goyeng...mau.. dicelupin ato cuma diceplusin cabe teteup endang...

Resto Mariena said...

lumpiaaaaaaa...aku sih bisa abis 10 sekali makan wkakakakakak

Oh for the love of food! said...

These Spring Rolls sure look good, Dwiana! and the pics are sensational!

Shinta said...

Setiap mampir ke sini, foto-fotonya selalu keren abiiizzz! Terutama foto yang terakhir tuh, bikin ngiler banget.
Mbak Dwi benar-benar berbakat di fotografi nih.

Mandy said...

your husband is so right. these eggrolls are so much better than the eggrolls from chinese restaurant.

Lia said...

cantik photonya bikin ngilerrr, sayang lapis sbynya ga bisa dilihat hiks

salam kenal ;)

Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm) said...

Finally someone posts a recipe for egg rolls that I can manage. Thank you so much.....will do today still. I have springroll sheets in the freezer....

Lynnylu said...

Congratulations on your DMBLGIT award!

Shari said...

Those egg rolls look delicious! I'm going to have to try making them. Congratulations on the DMBLGIT award!