Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hooray, it is open! The local farm market it is called “ERIE COUNTY FARM” is finally open after it has been closed for one week. This store at least closes for one week every month for re-stocking. What is so special about this market? Here, we can find things which are cheaper compare to other store.


Squid wasn’t on my grocery list but my eyes caught on it while passing the seafood isle. And as many women know that we like to break the rule by buying something else other then what is on the lists.

Salt and pepper squid is my best pick recipe where I get it from WAITROSE. I ate this at the restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio couples months ago. Oh may the taste was so wonderful!

500g Squid, cleaned
2 tbsp Corn flour
2 tbsp Plain flour
2 tsp Hot chilly powder
2 tbsp Sea salt
1 tbsp Szechuan peppercorns, dry-roasted and crushed
500ml Vegetable oil
4 Small iceberg lettuce leaves, chilled
2 Lemons, cut into wedges


Rinse and dry the squid thoroughly. Slice each squid tube horizontally into 1cm rings. Set aside. In a large bowl, combine both types of flour with the chilly powder, sea salt and Szechuan pepper. Add the squid and toss to coat, shaking off any excess flour.

Fill a wok with oil to about a third full (about 500ml) and heat until the surface seems to shimmer slightly. Add half the squid and deep-fry it for between 45 seconds and 1 minute, or until it's just tender and beginning to color. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain well on kitchen paper. Repeat the process with the remaining squid.

Arrange the lettuce leaves on a platter and top with the squid. Serve with the lemon wedges.


Indonesia-Eats said...

cacing gw lsg berontak nehh liat ini

wita said...

Dwi... calamari kedoyanan aku dan misoa, apalagi fresh baby squid. Jadi laper nih Dwi ... apalagi ada kolak hmmmm... thanks juga tisnya buat dalmatian, aku blom pernah pk fondant so wish me luck.

boon said...

Hey, ERIE COUNTY FARMS was opened last week too. Twas only closed on the last week of February and a few days in March!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Very yummy looking! I always like drrp-fry squid.

Andrie Anne said...

Hi Dwi..duh kuat liat template nya..pengen jugaaaa....bagusssss....sukaaaa....penuh gitu dari kiri ke kanan..hiks mauuu..

A.G said...

aku naksir piringnya aja dweh huehehe...

insane scribbler said...

Hi Dwaina,
Saikat from BlogsJam here.
I had to post a comment since I couldnt locate your email address.
We saw your URL on our logs and saw that you had placed your comments feed instead of the entries feed.
Here is the URL from where you can copy the code which shows pictures from your blog.

Dennis said...

Hi Dwiana,
I don't know if you got my first message, I needed to sign up. I found your site by looking for blogs, erie, and hot peppers. I love cooking spicy, and hot foods. I grow my own peppers. This January I met Jim Potratz that owns a flower shop, and greenhouse. I asked if I could start my own peppers there. I started probably 20 different kinds. The greenhouse is one block down on Buffalo Rd from Erie County Farms.
I lived for 4 years in New Orleans, and that is where I learned to love spicy, and hot foods. If you go to the green house tell Jim Potratz that you got my message, and lets trade cooking recipes.
Dennis Stratton