Monday, July 7, 2008

Foodie Photography "Red & White" - Celebration Indonesian Indepedence day!

RED & WHITE - Foodie Photography Contest
(A collaboration of three foodie bloggers Dhi-Fitri-Dwi)

August is closing in now. Most of us are pretty familiar with the warm feelings that August brings. August means mid summer for some…….. vacations to others…. or sitting on a beach watching sunset with a glass of margarita in hand for a few. But do you know that in August, some years ago, a couple had their parachute wedding for the first time in the world, a man name Priestly discovered oxygen and Galileo demonstrated his first telescope to the Venetian lawmakers. Also it was the day when Indonesia declared independence from the Dutch Colonial. The day was August 17, 1945.

In the spirit of celebrating the Independence Day, the freedom in every aspect of life hopefully, we would like to see the creative spirit within YOU. If you have a talent in cooking or baking, food styling or food photography, show it to us, flaunt it. Even if you don’t think you have a talent, just send it anyway. We would like to see it!

The theme is “Red and White” but it may be stretched as far as you can think of. Anything red and white, visual or concept wise, taste wise… anything. Be creative as much as you can. There’re some cool door prizes waiting. Remember, winning isn’t everything, but having fun is. So let’s have fun and let that creativity spilling over.

One participant can only send one entry. Just don’t forget to send in your entry
to by August 18, 2008 midnight GMT+7

Ensure that you submit all the details

Name/Nickname :
Blog/Site Name :
Blog/Site URL :
Entry Title :
Entry URL :
Attach image : image of the entry with 200 pixel size in width

Now, we’re getting to the most interesting part. Door prizes and the guest jury for this event. Since this is a FUN event with capital letters, which is why I hate to call it a “competition”, we are going to raffle the prizes to four participants showing the most talented, artistic, creative, appealing and drool-worthy photos.

Here’re the prizes:


* (1) Mini sewing machine kit for scrapbooking hobby
* (1) Food Made Fast Desserts cooking book from William Sonoma
* (1) Electric Crepemaker
* (3) cute retro-looking cooking aprons

Guest jury will be Widarto Adi, best in his field as graphic designer and commercial photographer. He won the award for Silver Citra Adi Pariwara in 2006, which is the highest national award for advertising and has long list of happy clients and other inspiring achievements. His portfolios are available at

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!



A.G said...

gw dah dpt ide cuma tunggu bikinya ya... hehe ;)

MiNDY said...

semoga gw ada ide ya jeng. sengkyu undangannya

Sheila said...

Waaaahhh, hebat idenya. Gue belom ada ide. Tapi yg pasti gue pengen ikutan partisipasi ya. Agustusan nanti gue pengen bantuin perlombaan buat anak2 di tempat gue. Palingan gue sibuk motretin anak2nya :D.

eliza said...

untung bikinnya utk bln agustus, kayaknya bisa deh ikut Dwi. mikir2 dulu yah, thanks for the invitation.

Elra said...

Great idea! Would love to join this fun event.
Btw, terimakasih ya Dwi, sudah dimampiri lagi.

Elsye said...

moga gue bisa ikutan ya makkkk...kerenn idenya Dwii..:D...

asikk asikk ada hadiahnya :P

busylittlebee said...

great idea dwi!
THX to letting me know abt this, i'll try mine!

all the best

Retno Prihadana said...

Makasih undangannya ya Dwi, themanya merah putih apa termasuk foodnya harus merah putihkah?

Andrie Anne said...

Yuhuuuu seru niyyyy..ikut yaaa..mudah2an ga kelewat deh..*mikir2 apa yaaaa yang cucok?*

Indonesia-Eats said...

A question in my mind, does this event only open for Indonesians, most of my Indonesia-eats blog readers are non Indonesian speakers?

Widya said...

Ngga harus makanan kan mba?? Hiks, soale masih baking blue nih....

Dwiana P said...

AG: siiipp tinggal ditunggu hasilnya yah

Mindy: harus keknya punya ide neng, biar rame acaranya

Sheila: gk usah dimasak juga gk papa. bahan mentah or anything yg berhubungan dgn dapur:)

Eliza: asyik jadi ikutan yah

Elra: sama2 Ra, seneng gw kalau lo ikutan

Elsye: keknya lo kudu ikutan Sye:)

Ira: siiip ditunggu hasil jepretan mu bu:)

Retno: apa aja Ret food or peralatannya juga boleh

Anne: iya lo ikutan yah biar seru

Peppy: siapa aja boleh ikut kok pep. non indo juga boleh

Widya: anything yg berhubungan dgn makanan or dapur. Candy juga boleh kan:)

sefa firdaus said...

juri yg lain siapa dong?

aduhhhhhhhhh gue gak ada ide gini Dwi, mati gaya deh kalo urusan motret yg pake styling :D

Vin said...

aku ikut ramein yaa:p

mae said...

thanx for inviting, kemaren udah diinfoin sama mbak Dhi.

Insya Allah bisa ikutan, hadiahnya bikin ngiler... hehehe :D

Simplicity said...

waduh kepingin hadiahnya, boleh nga dikirim aja keisinihehehe kan bday gue juga tuh(ngarepp)
amin deh semoga gue bisa ikutan

..fhia.. said...

waa..hadiahnya dah di post yah,ok jeng dwi..smoga aku bisa mengikuti undanganmu..
brati ga harus bikin sndiri yaa food-nya. hehe..kbiasaan beli soalnya :p

Shinta said...

Iya aku ikutan biar tambah rame... ;) Masih ada waktu sampai august, ntar aku bikin yang baru deh mbak.Thanx for the invitation :)

Vania said...

Thx for the invitation Dwi.
... moga2 gw bisa ikutan. Masih mencari inspirasi :).

Semoga sukses event-nya.

Resto Mariena said...

ini yg gue cariiiiiii..ternyata sama koq ama yg di Fitri MP ya cuma bingung mau masukin yg blogspot atau MP, secara gw kudu email nih malam ini.

Dean said...

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