Friday, July 11, 2008

“Nuts cookies” – our FUN summer with friends!

Still not so much of baking or cooking here, trying to cook as simple as possible due to avoid heat in the kitchen.

My son and hubby are wondering when mommy will do baking again or at least provide something sweet on the table. Poor thing! Oh well… now, here I am spending little time in the kitchen making these NUTS COOKIES. It surprises me as these cookies are so easy to make and it doesn’t take long time to make them either.

nuts cookies

Adopted from LISA

250 gram flour
250 gram cooked nuts (grounded)
150 gram confectioner sugar
¼ tsp salt
1 cup cooking oil (approximately, used little bit less than a cup)

2 yolks
Cooked nuts (cut in a half)


Place flour, confectioner sugar, grounded nuts and salt in a bowl then mix them together. Add slowly cooking oil and mixture it with your hand until the entire ingredient blended well. In this case you might need to reduce or increase the amount of cooking oil.

Roll out the dough to ½ inches thick. Stamp out shapes such as flower and stars with cutters. Place the shapes on the prepared cookie sheets. Brush shapes with egg yolks and place half nut on the top. Then bake at 350F for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

nuts cookies

Last week our beloved friend was going to Niagara Fall and stopped by to the town for two nights to visit us. That was our first meeting in person. I pictured her as a friendly and smart lady, there she is! Her two lovely daughters were so great playing with my son. They were laughing, fighting for the toys and giggling. Just so fun to watch them playing in their own world.

Soon my hubby got time to join us; we went canoing at the Lagoon which it is part of Lake Erie. I was so glad that the weather was gorgeous considering in last couples of days before; Erie was raining most the time. While husbands and kids were canoing, Titi and I sat down on the picnic table and have fun talking about anything. She is so humble, smart and fun to be with.

kolasetiti copy

What a wonderful family! Such a pleasure to meet you guys. Hope we will meet again in God’s plan. Then next time hopefully I am able to entertain with my homemade delish food and dessert. We are so sorry, due to the busy schedule between hubby and I it seemed not happened this time. Enjoy your summer dear.

Readers – also don’t forget about this FOODIE EVENT to celebrate our independence day. More update of prizes and judge you might find HERE.

kolasetiti1 copy


sefa firdaus said...

waaaa itu foto kukisnya cantik bener, bikin ngiler aja...

asik kayaknya Dwi naik sampan, gue mah udah nangis kaliiiiii.. secara gue gak bisa berenang :D

MiNDY said...

main² kemari dung Nathan, nanti disedian kukis dweh.

foto² canoing-nya kliatan seru banget jeng.

elsye said...

itu kukis bikin gue ngilerr Dwi..:P..dah lama ga bikin kukis2an ...

foto2 ketemuan ama temen loe seruu nyangka baru pertama kali ketemu langsung seru gitu...and the kidsss....bener2 lucu2 booww :D
btw, makkk gue minder duluan mau ikutan event loe Dwi :P...

A.G said...

duha syiknya mendayung sampan hehe... kyukisnya bentuknya sama kyk daisynya ya hehe :) cute

Little Corner of Mine said...

We love this nut cookies! Yours look pretty. Your friend's two daughters are simply adorable!

I also have an award for you, come and claim it. :)

Elra said...

Will I be invited too, if I visit Erie?
Nathaniel looks gorgeous and so photogenic!
Oh don't forget to leave some cookies for me, please?

yunike said...

canoing-nya kynya seru banget yah!
enak banget tinggal di deket lake, you guys can do lot of water activities, not like here :(

tigerfish said...

My fav cookies! Melt in the mouth.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wadow pengennnnn

Zita said...

duh, kukisna imut2 banget, congrats on winning click.

Katie said...

I love your blog, photography & crafty creations!

Simplicity said...

fotonya bagusss bener jernihhhh
btw gue blom pernahbikin nih kukis kacang, enak kah?

Retno Prihadana said...

enaaaakkkk, nyomot. Seneng deh liat fotonya yang ditengah, ada bunganya jadi tambah cantik:)

Sheila said...

Dwi, ini kukis kesukaan gue waktu jaman bahula. Dulu, di deket rumah ada pabrik yg bikin kukis ini. Kalo gue beli di pabrik itu bisa sampe 5 pak :D.
As usual, your pictures are gorgeous! Gue suka foto outdoor anak lo & anaknya temen lo. So natural!

Linares Shelvy said...

hmmm gue suka bgt nih buwwww
di add yah buww

Dwiana P said...

Sefa: pake save jacket fa. jadi kalau nyebur bisa ngapung *wink*

Mindy: gk nolak tante kalau dikasih cookies.

Elsye: hayoh bikin non:)

AG: gw mah gk ngedayun Yin biasa

LCOM: thank you. Everyone in family love this cookies too:)

Elra: sure, we don't mind having accompany for canoing with us:)

Yunike: waduh gantian donk gw nya yg iri ama tempat lo tinggal Yun.

tigerfish: mine too:)

Rita: wadoowww bikin ...:)

Zita: thanks dear.

katie: thanks for stopping by and would love to have you come again.

simplicity: enak say. ini cookies jadul jaman anak2 SMP an

Retno: ambill mbak gratis kok:)

Shela: samaan Shel. kue jadul pun bikin kangen yah

Linares: Shelvy itu kenapa gw click blog elo tapi gk bisa kebuka yah?