Sunday, November 23, 2008

Marble Cake

marble cake

It wasn't a pleasant week for Erie as the weather channel kept telling us about approaching snow storms. This weekend it seemed like everyone was out cleaning the snow from their walkways and driveways, this of course included myself!. Bummer!! my snow blower was broken. I had to shovel by hand. It took me almost 3 hours to finish all my drive way. Of course I didn't shovel for 3 hours straight though. If I did, I would probably be in the hospital with a bad back. Wondering where was my hubby? Poor thing he had to work. OH, probably he was lucky then as he didn't have to shovel snow.

My lovely son was being so helpful. While I was shoveling the snow he helped brushing snow of my car. Tried to build a snowman too but didn't work as the snow was way to wet.

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nate cleans snow

As we came inside the house, the marble chiffon cake was waiting for us. I made myself a tea and a hot coco for Nathaniel. Then spend the rest of the day being lazy by watching tv, playing game. Just want to be inside keep us warm. Then my son felt sleep, yippy...! being outside it was totally wiped him out! THEN, finally mommy has time for her self alone.

I have been making this marble chiffon cake for many times but I lost interest to post it with many different reasons. One of them as I took food photo it doesn't come up well enough, you know very hard to find good natural light in this time of year.

Marble Chiffon Cake
recipe is adopted from Rumah Manis by Fitri.

1/3 coco powder
1/4 cup hot water
1 1/2 cups + 3 tbs granulated sugar
1/2 cup + 2 tbs vegetable oil
2 1/4 cups flour
1 tbs baking powder
1 tsp salt
7 eggs (separate between white and yellow)
3/4 cup water
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
2 tsp grated zest of a lemon

In the bowl mix together coco powder, hot water, 3 tbs granulated sugar, 2 tbs vegetable oil. And put a side.

In the other bowl mix together flour, salt, baking powder, granulated sugar. Put a side.
Whisk well egg yolks, water and vegetable oil. Pour into flour mixture and mix them together with electronic mixer. And put it aside.

Using electronic mixture blend together white egg and cream of tartar until white fluffy (soft peak). Then pour this batter into egg yolk mixture. Stir them well with hand whisk.
Take 2 cups of batter and pour it into coco powder mixture. Whisk them well.

Add 2 tsp grated zest of a lemon into remaining white egg batter. Mix them well.

I use regular cake baking pan by brushing margarine then sprinkle flour after. First, pour about 1 cup of white egg batter into a cake pan. Then add about 1 cup of chocolate batter on the top. Do repeatedly.

Then with a fork, gently draw swirls through the batter to marbleize it. Don't over mix or you will not have that wonderful marble effect.
I did over mix little bit so you know how the result comes up. Quite disappointed.

Bake to 325F for about 70 -75 minute of until toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Also thank you for wishing me happy birthday dear friends.



marble cake


Elra said...

Happy birthday to you Dwi, wish you all the best!

Nate is so adorable, and how cute that he actually helped you brushing off the snow from your car.
That marble cake look mighty good, having a slice of this and a cup of tea, hmmm delicious!

sefa said...

wuiiiiiii saljunya tebel banget yaaa, disini juga lumayan tebel Dwi

emang paling enak dingin-dingin minum teh sama makan kue *laper*

si Nate lucu banget bobonya... so cuteeeee

btw, happy b'day darling
GBU and wish you all the best
muah muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Vania said...

Happy Birthday Dwi!
Wishing you all the best.

Foto2nya tetep keren, sekalipun matahari malu2 keluar :)

Nate lucu banget, very cute.
Happy Thanksgiving! (di sini ngerayain Thanksgiving awal bulan Nov, bareng ama harvest festival).
*nyomot marble cake ahhh.

MiNDY said...

happy birthday, Dwi. wish you all the very best.

salju-nya tebel banget. Nate cute betul bobona.

Ipoet - Gata's Mom said...

as usual aku demen banget ama foto2mu salju udah mulai turun yah...oh iyah udah mau masuk desember juga...

Happy bday yah say..moga tambah moy ajah jadi emak en istri yg baek yah..tambah disayang ama keluarga...

Manggy said...

Aw your son's so sweet! I hope you are sufficiently warm and cozy inside :)

And how could you not note it's your birthday!! Happy birthday Dwiana!! :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah exercise abis ya dwi...asik asik punya bicep + tricep (gua ga punya)...and happy blated bday!!! happy happy selalu eiei

Fitri said...

qiqiqi..sampe hari ini gue masih ngikik liat tampang anak lu mak, itu kacamata buat nisa ajah dweeh..

as always poto keyeeeen.. jadi pingin ngupi-2 , ngobrol di sofa lu deh aah..

yun said...

happy birthday again just in case you didn't get my email :)
Nate is very kiyutttttt
and I love your fabulous picture too

Cynthia said...

I missed the party but I am in time for cake!

Many happy returns!

elsye said...

dwiiii kangennn ama loooee..huhuhuh gue dah kerja lagi betee..masih pelatihan 3 minggu ini...sebelll....*halah gue malah curhat*

well met ultah ya sayyyyyyy....keeereeenn potonaa...

Foni said...

dwi, happy belated bday ya,
panjang umur & sehat selalu
itu marble menggoda nih, bakal masuk list yg kudu dibake....

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