Saturday, October 6, 2007


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I tell a little bit story of what is "TUMPENG". Tumpeng is yellow rice formed in shape of cone. There are many shapes of tumpeng now day but the cone shape is an old fashion way and popular. Most Indonesian specially people who come from Java island like to celebrate life with tumpeng. It could be a celebration of happiness such as birthday, anniversary and wedding.

Generally tumpeng is served along with some of Indonesian food and add some of food craving as a decoration. Side dishes come along with this tumpeng is;
1. curly fried eggs
2. spicy taste of anchovy, peanut and shredded potatoes
3. perkedel (Indonesian) is like mash potatoes mix with ground beef and some spices. Formed them around shape and fry
4. fried chicken
5. urap is like salad with coconut flakes
6. serundeng is mix of coconut flakes with Tempe and some spices
7. stir fry green beans and shrimp
8. fried tofu
9. kerupuk is indonesian crackers

This is a FRIENDSHIP CELEBRATION. Our friend Sinar and her son Christopher came from Washington and stay for a couples of day. So I though this will be a good day to celebrate our friendship that has been tied in for over some years.
Only few of Indonesian people live in this township. They are all came and bring some comfort food then we decorate those food on the side of tumpeng.

Not forget to give thank to Roossy, Sinar, Mia, Eri and Fonny.
Thank you very much for participating to make this tumpeng.


East Meets West Kitchen said...

I love tumpeng and you've made it so beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I have added you on my links too. Have a great weekend!

Shinta said...

Tumpeng-nya cakep banget...halus. Punya cetakannya ya?! Kita di sini kalo bikin tumpeng pake cetakan darurat (karton yang dilapisi plastik), jadi hasilnya ga smooth kayak bikinan mbak Dwiana.

Btw, ntar resep cake-nya menyusul ya.... :D

Resto Mariena said...

Dwi..cantik bgt tumpeng nya.
Kemarin mudik nyari alas tumpeng yg plastik punya..yg kayak daun...tapi nggak ada. Payah..padahal pengen banget...nggak tau tuh yg jual di mana...seluruh BSD aku tanya n nggak ada :(

eliza said...

kepengen banget makan tumpeng...apalagi utk acara rame2 yah...kesini yok Dwi, gue bikinin tumpeng deh ;P

Dwiana P said...

east meets west: thanks you:)

Shinta: pake karton,it works! dulu aku juga pake karton.

Mariena: emang ada yah Mar alas plastik yg kayak daun. aku gk pernah denger. ini mau decorate pake daun pisang juga mesti pesen dulu kan langka disini.

Eliza: jauh sih Liz kalau deket demen gw dibikinin, kan enak loh tingal makan hehehhe

wowmomma said...

koq elo nulisnya "our friend; Sinar and his son" lha...!! Kapan gw ganti klaminnye??? Kacian laki gw dong...
edit dulu atuh bowww... (giling deh ih!!!)

Dwiana P said...

soallee.. waktu si Chris disini dia sering nyebut daddy. so gk kepikiran nih kalau lo tuh "her" not "his" ( wakakakkak

SteamyKitchen said...

How do you get the pyramid so perfect? Is it a mold?

KayKat said...

This looks delicious! And I love the significance behind it. Maybe I'll try making one of these cones for a reunion I'll be at later this month.

Thanks for the pictures.

Dwiana P said...

steamykitchen: I use cone mold made specially for making tumpeng.

kaykat: Thanks for visiting my blog. Hoping you will have a wonderful reunion party.

wita said...

wow! Friendship Tumpengnya menggoda banget nih, jadi laper beneran deh, ohya nyetak tumpengnya pake apa tuh? punya cetakan khusus dari indo ya?

Dwiana P said...

Wita: aku beli cetakan khusus buat tumpeng dr Indo.

Retno Prihadana said...

Wah..tumpengnya cantik banget, kebayang deh bikinnya luamma, soalnya pelengkapnya itu banyak..keliatan enak lagi. Jadi laperrr. Aku punya juga tuh cetakannya dikasih temen, tapi belum pernah dipake karena akhirnya aku masukin rice cooker yg ada magic jarnya biar tetep anget..he..he, padahal klo dibentuk tumpeng jadi bagus banget ya.

My World said...

hi! thanks for dropping by my site.

you know i have been stumbling upon a lot of food blogs. everytime i visit a site with pictures of food, it really makes my mouth water and get hungry.

i will definitely visit you again or better yet, if it's ok to link you up, i will add you into my links. please let me know.

your photo blog is also cool. wish i can get into photography too. but i don't have that much patience and not technologically good at all.

regards & see you around.


wita said...

DWi boleh dipinjem itu cetakan tumpengnya hahahaha...
Aku sih nggak ngerayain lebaran, cuman seneng masakannya aja jadi rindu kampung.

Dwiana P said...

Juliana : You may add me on your link. thanks for dropping by here and I am glad you enjoy my blog.

Wita: sama nih Non, aku juga rindu kampung halaman.

Andaliman said...

Dwiii, eta cetakan tumpeng dpt drmana. Diriku mau bikin bingung krn gak ada cetakannya

Petra said...

Very nice photo and very interesting post - thank you!