Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This dessert is called “KOLAK BUAH” in Bahasa. I don’t think I have the name in English. The dessert is made from different kind of fruits, such as yams or sweet potato, plantain, jackfruit and palm seeds. Majority Indonesian people love this kind of dessert and it is also very popular in the month of Ramadhan.


I made this dessert about a week ago. When the weather outside was getting very cold and had no sign of spring yet, a bowl of hot Kolak Buah is really warm my heart.

Sweet potato or yams
Jack fruit
Palm seed
Coconut milk
Palm sugar
Pandanus leaf

Boil water and coconut milk
Add sweet potato or yams until half soft then add plantains, jack fruit and palm seed.
Lastly add palm sugar and pandanus leaf.

Better serve this dessert while still hot or warm

kolak buah


Mandy said...

this looks so good. And exquisite photos!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Dwiana....MAU...kolak tuh kedoyananku hiks hiks hiks

C i n T a P o P i a * said...

Hi Dwiana!

I stumble upon your blog through Carol's blog... and I'm sooo glad that I found an Indonesian cooking blog!

Being Indonesian myself, living in Australia - got me desperate for good indonesian food and snacks. And man, kolaknya kliatan enak bgt yaaa :)

take care!

tigerfish said...

I never had this before but I think I will like it. There's my fav palm seeds (attap seeds?).

Sheila said...

Ngajakin berantem ya, majang kolak kok gini hari?? Mana dibikin close-up gitu lagi fotonya. Jadi kepengeeeen!! Apalagi sekarang di tempatku dingin banget nih. Kan enak tuh makan kolak yg masih panas.

Elsye said...

Dwiiii...mauuu banget gue, ngilerr...kapan2 gue contek jgua...hahahah, btw yang pisang itu gue contek say...:D tfs yaa..

Little Corner of Mine said...

This is a lovely dessert, just like what we called bubur cha cha in M'sia, with slightly less ingredients.

Dwiana P said...

Mandy: thank you mandy

Rita: yah say, dah habis nih hihihii

Cintapopia: Thank you for stopping by, feel free to copy my recipes. I didn't cook either but since I move here I miss Indonesian food a lot. That motivate me to cook:)

Tigerfish: I learn something new today that palm seed is attap seed?

Sheila: ngajakin berantem sih enggk cuma mau ngiler2 in dirimu saya kok hehehehe disini juga dingin say.

Elsye: dicontek aja lah non, resep ku di share buat everyone. kalau dah bikin jgn lupa di posting ntar gantian gw yg ngiler hehehee

Little corner of mine: I heart about bubur cha cha before but never got to try myself.