Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheese muffin and lots of thanks to you.

cheese muffin

Bored with a routine breakfast menu and do not know what to serve for morning breakfast.

That is danger! Because it means everyone in the family will get rumble in their tummy.

Yes, I need to make something different. Something that I have never made before. Ah ha, this will fit the purpose with the title of my blog. Blog walking is not just an adventure but an addiction too. It is a prefect activity to do while my son is having nap. The whole house is quite at that moment except from the sound of the washing machine far down in the basement. Blog walking and doing laundry at the same time.

Then, I found this recipe. Cheese muffin will be my next project. Not only I have never made it before but it is also sounding so delicious. Hubby and son, they both love cheese. Excluding me! What I like in making this muffin is that I don’t have to turn on my mixer. I simply mix all the ingredients and stir them with a whisk.

Recipe is adapted from YULI – BUNDA’S CORNER
Cheese Muffin.

50 gram of corn starch
2 tbs of milk powder ( I used carnation instant nonfat dry milk)
125 gram of granulated sugar
225 ml of milk
75 gram of salted butter
125 gram of cream cheese
75 ml of vegetables oil
2 eggs
125 gram of flour
2 1/2 tsp of baking powder
Shredded cheese

Mix in a sauce pan corn starch, sugar, milk powder, and liquid milk. Bring to boil in low heat and stir them well constantly until the mixture is thicken.

Take the sauce pan from the strove. Add butter and cream cheese. Using a whisk stir them until all the mixture blend well. Add eggs and vegetables oil. Then stir it again. Lastly add the mixture of flour and baking powder. Constantly stirring.

Pour dough in the muffin pan and sprinkle them with shredded cheese. Bake in 350F for 20 minutes or until cook.

cheese muffin

Let’s talk about friends briefly...

In year of 2007 I started this food blog. Never in a million time cross in my mind I will have virtual friends thru blogging. All I know, I craved so much of Indonesian food and it was time to learn about baking and cooking. A year past by, now I am sitting here with my finger clicking from one blogger to another. Just amazing how I can find recipes and pictures that look very tempting.

Then I find friends...

They keep coming to my site, left some comments and gave some ideas about foods, food photography or even life itself. Even some of them think about me and give me some tags. And for that, I feel so honor and special.

Debra from Passionate about baking tagged me on one of her list about inspiring foodie photography.

These beautiful and creative ladies have tagged me as “friend” They are :
Sheila from Let’s mess up the kitchen
Elsye from Dari Dapur Saya

The rule is I shall pass to several people. But I think I don’t want to make disappointment fellow bloggers who don’t get tagged. With that, I rather not pass to everyone else. But as you know you all are in my thought.

Thank you for all of you who has tagged me and for bloggers around the world and invisible visitors. Spring has sprung. Those tulip has brightened my garden and cheer me up every time I look at it.

This is for you my special friends.



sefa firdaus said...

itu cetakan muffin silikon bukan? soalnya gue juga punya :D

foto tulipnya cantik banget, kereeennn

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Aw...that touched my heart Dwiana. What a beautiful post, with heart-warming words. The cheese muffins have been bookmarked the minute I saw them. I would tag you permanently for BEST PICTURES...they are stunning & full of character! XOXOXO
PS What a lucky family to wake up to fresh muffins! YUM

Elsye said...

iya bener fotonya cakepppp..:D...btw muffinnya keliatan endang ya Dwi..gue kayaknya pengen bikin juga qiqiqiq.latah gue....

silicon cupnya juga bikin ngilerrrr...:D

Vania said...

Dwi... muffinnya keliatan yummy bgt. Foto2nya keren2.
Favorite gw foto muffin yg ke 3. Pengen nanya, ada kayag benang tipis di foto itu (kanan bawah), itu apaan sih Dwi. Tanda tangan?

busylittlebee said...

those muffin making me mouth-water

mold? or muffin holder? anyway are pretty in colour dwi, i know them when i was in s'pore, worth to have.

Dwiana P said...

Iya itu cetakan silicon

thank you dear, your a sweet lady. I do enjoy viewing your blog.

Hayoh sye bikin. enak kok:)

waakkksss.... ternyata ada yg punya mata jeli yah. gw baru sadar ketika dah di posting. so arep2 spy org gk liat gitu loh. ternyata ketauan ama lo hahahaha.
kek nya itu benang kecil yg nempel di kain deh.

itu silicon muffin mold. Eh temen ku lagi di singapore dia bilang barang2nya cute2 and murah.

Ayin said...

nah cetakan itu aku jg punya hehe... cantik bentuknya ya.. nyomot muffin atu ahh

Resto Mariena said...

dwi..cetakan muffin silicon yg di NZ mahal amirrrrr..mana kecil lagiii.
tapi emang warna nya cantik2 banget.

Hmm dulu bgt gw pernah nyoba muffin keju, enak tapi agak kering.
Punya elo kering atau moist Dwi?
( maksud gue muffin nya weeekkkk hee)
kalo moist perlu nih gue coba in.
TFS..iya meski ada kayak kawat kecil tetep gw suka poto ke 3

Resto Mariena said...

Lupaaa.....makasih dach jadi sahabat baik gw, tempat curhat n ketawa ketiwi.
Makasih juga bunga tulip nya...koq gw jadi ingat Mbak Retno yaaa liat tulip itu heee

Bunda Nadine said...

hai mbak dwiana .. baru balesin blogwalking nie ... :)

hasilnya cantikk bangettt :) ... syuka banget ama foto muffin yg ketiga ... :).. tulipnya jugah cantik bangettt :).

elra said...

Here is the thing I like about you, I think you are such a sweet wonderful person, very thoughtful and extremely considerate! one example, every time I post a comment to you; you always make an effort to visit my site (frankly, I never really expect that from anybody)
In fact, you were the first person who gave comment to my site (remember?). You know how that made me feel? Happy!
With all of those quality that you have, of course you deserve having many friends and absolutely deserve being tagged!

p.s Cheese Muffins look pretty delice! love those colorful muffin mold.

yeni murty said...

mau dong chesse muffinnya,masih adakan say..

Dwiana P said...

Ayin: toss yah Yin sama2 punya cetakan:)

Mariena: kalau pas di indo borong mar. and thanks balik udah mau jadi tempat curhat gw juga:)

Bunda nadine: saya yg thanks berat yah. muffinnya enak semua pada suka

Elra: I try to pay a visit for people that already view my blog and leave me comments. It also give me an idea who they are and get to know them more. Usually I schedule my self to do blog walking once or twice a week.
Thanks yah non udah kunjungin site gw lagi:)

Yeni: Dah habis yen qiiqqii

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

mba dwi apa kbr? masih kangen jakarta gak? hehe aku review dapur cokelat u may ini.
btw..cheese muffin nya bikin kepengen.i luv cheese. foto nya keren! sukses bikin mouth watering!

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

mba maaf ya aku post comment taunya sampai 4.rada eror disini.jadi yg 3 aku hapus.thx anyway.

Retno Prihadana said...

I love cheese too :). Muffinnya mauuu banget.

Ti said...

Mba aku link nih, btw I love muffin juga lho..

Anonymous said...

Dwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, elu bikin muffins pas gw udah berangkat! eh, Eri e-mail elu yach, dia kali lagi on the waay to Medan deh!

eliza said...

kalo gue suka bingung makan apa pagi wiken. males soalnya masak pagi2 hehehe...

wita said...

Pa kabar Dwi? makin canggih nih motret2nya Dwi... ikut kontes dong, pasti menang. Moga2 one day aku punya camera yg bagus dan bisa motret spt ini....

Andrie Anne said...

Hi Dwi..iya setuju tuh, dikau kayaknya very sweet person deh. Love you Dwi.

Btw deadline kontes buttercreamku mundur tuh, jadi tgl 31 May. Bisa dong ikutan..ditunggu yaaa..:-)

Anonymous said...

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mae said...

duh muffinnya so lovely, mau dong dikirimin sekalian sil-cups nya ;)

*kabuuuur... sebelum ditimpuk muffin*

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah aku dah kebayang2 cheese muffin nih...btw...kangen buangettt sama food blogs and masak2 hehehehe...makan luar melulu ga asyikkkkk